Microsoft ditches “Mute Site” for Mute Tab option in Chromium Edge Canary

Image about Microsoft ditches “Mute Site” for Mute Tab option in Chromium Edge Canary

To make Edge insiders feel at home, Microsoft is bringing some of the features from old Edge and replacing the Chrome’s with them in Chromium-based Edge browser, we already knew they did this, to the latest, Microsoft Edge Canary has removed the “Mute Site” option and added “Mute Tab” to the tab context menu.

The newly added option allows users to mute individual tabs by selecting the menu item in the tab context menu. FYI, the ability to mute tabs by clicking on volume icon for music playing tab is there in Chromium Edge from the beginning, which Chrome browser never has by default but allowed through a flag, which recently has been removed.

Chromium Edge Canary removes Mute site adds Mute tab option-min(1)

Microsoft Edge Canary with Mute tab option

Sometime back, Google has bid adieu to tab muting and introduced site muting feature which lets you silence site permanently by selecting option present in tab right click menu.

You can also do this by clicking on padlock and by choosing the “Mute” option for sound content setting. Both — mute site and permission setting — are still present in dev Edge and likely to vanish with a future update.

Latest Update to Microsoft Edge Canary added Mute tab and removed the sound content setting from site permissions altogether. Twitch stream users found tab muting more useful and the new site muting pretty annoying in Chrome amidst an extension Tab Muter available to add this feature back.

A reason is here for Twitch users and others, to switch to Chromium Edge in future which is currently the in testing phase, will they jump?.

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