Firefox 66: Dark and light themes to ignore Windows 10 Accent Color Setting

Image about Firefox 66: Dark and light themes to ignore Windows 10 Accent Color Setting

The Firefox 65 version released recently supports Windows 10 accent color, Mozilla now have to reconsider and change the decision as the number one complaint from users after updating to version 65 is that Firefox with built-in dark theme enabled isn’t completely dark when they set Windows 10 to show accent color to title bars, that sums up the issue. FYI, Firefox is the only app that is using the accent color in dark mode, while remaining apps simply ignore that setting.

In Firefox case, the issue is, the dark theme applies to active tab only and the background tabs appear with either solid blue or custom color set by the user for Windows in Personalization settings. The issue can be seen in recent Windows 10 version 1809 also where title bar color changed to dark blue from somewhat light blue in Windows 10 version 1803.

After more reports from users, Mozilla has decided that Firefox light and dark themes shouldn’t be respecting Windows 10 setting for accent color in the title bars, so you don’t need to disable that setting and Firefox with dark theme enabled will look fine without need to making any changes on your end and the default theme continues to honor Windows theme settings.

The company wants to push the fix to Firefox 66 asap which is scheduled to release on March 19th, 2019, if it is late since version 66 is already reached 7th beta, the change may be ported into Firefox 67.

Issue details:

1. On Windows 10 version 1809, visit Settings > Personalization > Colors,

2. Under ‘Show accent color on the following surfaces’, check ‘Title bars and Windows borders’

3. Leave default app mode to light.

4. Launch Firefox, click on menu > Add-ons > Themes, enable ‘Dark theme’

Now with the above settings, Firefox looks like below.

Firefox 65 with dark theme and accent color for ttile bar enabled Windows 10

When you disable accent color, Firefox tab bar looks like below with built-in dark theme activated.

Firefox 66 dark theme with accent color for title bar enabled Windows 10

Users want the second behavior without disabling colored title bars, hence Mozilla is going to make light and dark theme in Firefox to ignore Windows 10 accent color setting.

Are you happy with this?

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