Google’s Bookmark Manager which has been available till now on the Web Store has been integrated into the Chrome beta for Mac, Linux and Windows. The extension is still available on the Web Store, which you can install on stable version for testing. You can find the new feature in beta by visiting Chrome menu > Bookmarks > Bookmark Manager (Ctrl +Shift +O windows shortcut).

Recent Bookmarks for Chrome displays recently bookmarked pages

Chrome 40 Beta gets Bookmark Manager feature

"Now when you create a bookmark, you can select an image and add a note or snippet to help you find that bookmark more quickly later. Google will also suggest a folder if it seems like it could be a fit" Chrome Product Manager Cynthia Johanson said in Chrome blog.

If you’re signed into Chrome with Sync enabled, Bookmark Manager brings

  1. Improved Search powered by Google for your bookmarks.
  2. Bookmarks will be auto organized by topic.
  3. All your previous bookmarks will be updated with images and descriptions, wherever  possible
  4. You can share your bookmark folders with anyone by making it public.
  5. Synced bookmarks will be available for access on all devices.

For more details, read this article (this blog’s review).

Note: This feature is still rolling out, if you don’t see it right now, you’ll in the coming weeks.

What’s your take on the new bookmarking Experience? Do you like it? Let us know in the comments.