Microsoft fixes Windows 10 Photos App Crashes w/ new Update

Image about Microsoft fixes Windows 10 Photos App Crashes w/ new Update

Back in July, we reported Photos App on Windows 10 is crashing like hell whenever you try to open an image. The affected app version caused the issue was 2020.20070.1002.0. Today, on September 20, the Photos app received a much-needed update that jumps version number to 2020.20090.1002.0 and it may have come with a crash fix and other improvements as it is working surprisingly fine for us without any issue. The app is now launching much faster than before.

Microsoft Photos App version 2020.20090.1002.0

Windows 10 Photos App v2020.20090.1002.0

The modern Photos App in Windows 10 is the built-in Windows Photo Viewer that replaced the Legacy app.

The app has a lot of cons than pros


  • Never reliable, crashes most often.
  • Takes a lot of time to load a photo or picture as well as the App
  • Stops responding sometimes
  • Supports very few image formats.

The previous update was made the App even worse. It crashed on most of the occasions.

The issue has been reported on Reddit and Microsoft answers forums.

Recently the problem has been brought to the Photos team’s attention. The app version with the crash fix believed to be released to insiders recently and now, the same version available to the public on Microsoft Store.

While there is no official announcement or changelog to confirm the update resolves this issue.

After installing the update from Microsoft Store, we no longer see a white screen and so far in our testing, the Photos app opened all images quickly and fast without any problems.

If you use the App more often,

  1. Launch Microsoft Store,
  2. Click on the three-dot icon,
  3. Select Downloads and updates
  4. Click on the download arrow for the Microsoft Photos to update the app to the latest version 2020.20090.1002.0.

After that, you can able to open and view or edit your photos and videos within the app.

Do you use the Photos App on Windows 10? What’s your take on the latest update? Have things improved in your case? Let us know in the comments below.

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