Microsoft takes Windows 10’s Quick Searches feature to Users in more Countries

Image about Microsoft takes Windows 10’s Quick Searches feature to Users in more Countries

Last month Microsoft has launched the “Quick Searches” feature for Search Home in Windows 10 and made it available to users in the US only, today the company announced it is expanding the feature to more countries. What you should know is the feature is not tied to insider builds, it will appear to Windows 10 users running from version 1809 to 1909 in supported markets.

The Quick Searches feature is a server-side change and will be available in the following countries for users running Windows 10 version 1809 or higher.

Australia: English

Canda: English and Frech

China:  Chinese (simplified)

France: French

Germany: German

India: English

Italy: Italian

Japan: Japanese

Mexico: Spanish

Spain: Spanish

United Kingdom: English

United States: English

For the unknown, Microsoft’s aim of Quick Searches is to quickly find web answers and results from the Windows search pane without needing to open the web browser.

Click on the search box or Search icon or press Win +S to bring up Search home to notice these Quick Search buttons: Weather,  Top news, Today in History and New movies.

Windows 10 Quick Searches expanded to more countries

By pressing on these buttons you’ll get current conditions for weather, able to read news from news sites, explore four events that happened on that day and information about new movies playing at theaters near you. Of course, the search results are produced by Microsoft’s Bing search engine and you can able to open them in your browser.

Quick search for Top News in Windows 10 search home

Tip: After performing a quick search, to return to the Search Home, delete the search query in the Search field.

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