CCleaner 5.57 adds “Easy Clean” interface for Non-Technical users

Image about CCleaner 5.57 adds “Easy Clean” interface for Non-Technical users

CCleaner made a radical change to its cleaning interface after 15 years, the new version 5.57 released yesterday introduced “Easy Clean” feature and makes it as default cleaning screen in the Application UI. Want more customization? Old cleaning screen is still available in CCleaner as Custom Clean, you can visit options and make it as default on the CCleaner Home screen.

CCleaner 5.57 with Easy Clean feature

Easy Clean

We’ve reviewed Easy Clean when it was available in Preview with name Quick Clean. Piriform owned by Avast, says in a blog post that CCleaner was “built by a techy for other techies”, now it was used by average users to clean computer junk. In recent years, the popularity of the tool was decreased after avast acquisition due to security incident and privacy and advertisement issues.

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The company now looking to win users by introducing the new feature, we’re not sure it works. Piriform says it is looking at non-technical users to give an alternate cleaning flow.

Using Easy Clean as easy as clicking Analyze button, reviewing trackers and junk it found after that and you can make the tool to clean all of them. Trackers are Cookies that CCleaner detects and shows for browsers.

Review trackers and junk

Do note CCleaner that uses intelligent scan for cookies won’t delete the cookies that were kept in the “Cookies to keep” section. Be careful, when cleaning all trackers as you need to enter login information required for websites after that.

CCleaner cleans this junk from the system: Recycle Bin,  temporary system files, temporary internet files, temporary application files.

How to change from Easy Clean to old Cleaning Screen in CCleaner

However, if you’ve used to original cleaning screen, it is available below Easy as “Custom Clean”, if you want to make it as default,

1. Visit CCleaner > Options

2. Choose Custom Clean for “CCleaner Home Screen”

disable Easy Clean in CCleaner

Download CCleaner 5.57.7182

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