Firefox Fenix in development Continues to impress, gains Dark theme

Image about Firefox Fenix in development Continues to impress, gains Dark theme

Next Firefox for Android with internal project name Fenix continuing to improve, the latest version of Firefox Fenix available on April 03, 2019 has got the dark theme, a working share UI, Permissions and the bookmarks bar in Library panel.

Firefox Fenix with dark theme

Firefox Fenix available with dark theme

FYI, Firefox Fenix for Android is not yet available on Play Store, you need to download the APK from Mozilla Taskcluster to test it on your device. After installing, when you launch Fenix, head to Settings > Theme, you’ll notice three options: light, dark and set by Battery Saver. The third option may vary in your case as it depends on the device.

Fenix theme settings

Fenix uses the light theme by default, you can choose and apply dark theme. This works in regular browsing mode but not in the Private tab. From last reviewed date to today, the app received new features, improvements and bug fixes.

Site permissions now working, brings new optimize mode and offers a setting to block

  • ads and auto-playing media with sound,
  • third-party tracking cookies
  • Pop-ups and website redirects.

fenix site permissions

The so-called Optimize mode disabled by default when enabled speeds up browsing on slow connection devices by throttling streaming bandwidth, reducing image quality and by applying platform level optimizations.

Do note Telemetry and Crash Reporter turned on by default, you may want to disable them.

In the library menu available in Settings, Bookmarks and History are working. Do let us know if you have found any new feature that was not mentioned in this article.

Download Firefox Fenix APK.

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