Fenix aka Firefox Preview on Android is getting Tab Groups

Image about Fenix aka Firefox Preview on Android is getting Tab Groups

Fenix, next Firefox for Android has got a new icon and now being called as Firefox Preview. The app will get tab groups soon. The feature not yet implemented but initial version landed in latest APK available by today. The company calls tab groups in its  UX designs as collections.

Fenix new icon looks good, improvements can be seen after we’ve reported dark theme support. The tracking Protection is now on by default. Google is the default search engine with other search options – Amazon, Bing, Twitter, and Wikipedia- available. Search suggestions are offered by default and visited sites and bookmarks will appear on the home screen.

Firefox Android Preview save tab group

Firefox Android to get tab groups

Library in the menu shows bookmarks and history. If you’ve visited some websites, Firefox shows them on home and allows to group them with “Save tabs to group” option, which when selected, asks to select tabs to save as the feature is not yet implemented, they won’t be formed into a group. Firefox Preview is looking great in Private browsing.

Firefox Preview private browsing mode

According to this Github issue page, Tab groups might replace Sessions and Tab group menu to offer options to rename and delete saved tab groups. Check the UX designs on Fenix collections here.

Firefox Fenix android collections

You can able to download Preview version of Firefox for Android from Mozilla’s TaskCluster here.