Foxit Reader 7 Offers Shared Reviews and Ribbon Customization Features

Image about Foxit Reader 7 Offers Shared Reviews and Ribbon Customization Features

Foxit Software has released Foxit Reader 7 and is available for download. This is a major update, and it has added a lot of new features such as Shared reviews, 2D Barcode displaying, Signature verification on XFA forms and ribbon customization features. This version also comes with other improvements and fixes to issues discovered in the previous version.

Know How to disable Foxit Reader Plugins?

Foxit Reader 7

New features

1.  "Shared Review allows document authors to share a document or all reviewers can provide comments and view and respond to each others comments. "

2. Foxit Reader supports generation of 2D  barcode for forms integrated with ultraforms technology.

3. This version of Foxit Reader supports optimized PCL printing. When you select ‘PCL Optimization’ in the Advanced dialog in Print settings, document will be printed with PCL Optimization Driver.

Foxit Reader 7 UI

4. Lets you verify signatures on XFA forms.

5. You can add free form annotations with PSI in PDFs.

7. You can customize the ribbon by creating custom tabs or groups with commands. To get started, right click on the ribbon, select ‘customize the ribbon’ and create a new tab, you can add a new group to that tab.

Customize the ribbon dialog

How to disable Foxit Reader Plugins?

Note: You can’t delete the default tabs in Foxit Reader, but you can add and save the new ones. To reset or to delete all the customizations you’ve done to the ribbon, click on ‘Reset’ button in the ‘Customize Tools’ dialog.

Caution: Setup was preconfigured to install 30-day trial of Foxit PhantomPDF Standard, make sure to uncheck it during the installation.

Download Foxit Reader v7.