New Web of Trust Beta introduces Categories Interface

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Web of Trust, website reputation and review service based on million of community users has beta version available for testing from Google Chrome browser. “The new WOT comes with multiple improvements, but the major news surrounding the new WOT is the introduction of the categorization interface. This new categorization will provide greater transparency to the reasons behind users’ ratings and reviews.” Said Sami Tolvanen, CTO for Web of Trust in a blog post.

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“Other significant change is the simplification of the reputation components, leaving just “Trustworthiness” and “Child Safety” as key components while the rest have been merged into the categories feature described above.” Sami has added.

Web Of Trust beta new interface

Testing Web of Trust beta in Google Chrome

At present, only Chrome or Chromium browser supports this beta, to test it right away- download WOT beta chrome extension to your computer and drop and drop it onto Chrome://extensions page for install.