Understanding WOT (Web of Trust) Reputation Icons, Rating Window and Scorecard (Guided Tour)

Image about Understanding WOT (Web of Trust) Reputation Icons, Rating Window and Scorecard (Guided Tour)

I won’t surf the web/visit websites without installing and using Web Of Trust Extension for the browser (available for all popular browsers) read the reasons for it, that’s the confidence it brings us through its reputation icons if we see full green reputation icon for a website it makes us feel that we’re on a safe and trusted website which rated by millions of WOT community members, hang on! if you don’t know about WOT here is brief guided tour on WOT reputation icon, rating window and Scorecard.

Web Of Trust icon

For a brief, WOT shows reputation icons for websites, search results on Google, Bing and for links on email, twitter and Facebook. If you encounter a dangerous website, WOT warns you so that you can navigate away from that page.

Reputation icons

Full green icon the best rating for any website where partial green is good, yellow is unsatisfactory, partial red is poor, full red colored icon is very poor, grayed out icons with question mark symbol are new sites with no rating.

WOT reputation icons

Better and safe to visit green colored reputation icon sites, better to navigate away from other reputation icon shown sites, for grayed out icon sites we can’t judge whether they’re  safe or not its up to the individual to decide.

Rating Window

When you click on reputation icon for a site, rating window appears drop-down shows WOT rating for that site for Trustworthiness, vendor reliability, privacy and child safety.

WOT Rating window

Reputation scorecard

Now click on “View scorecard for rating details” on rating window which takes you to WOT site for that sites WOT reputation scorecard and comments and ratings given by the WOT users .

WOT reputation scorecard

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