If you’re about to reinstall Windows and worried about loosing your Vivaldi browser data as you need to install it freshly, don’t worry! We’ve got you covered. We’re offering the steps to backup and restore Vivaldi browser profile so that you don’t miss any of it’s browsing data, such as sessions, extensions, bookmarks, cookies, etc. after its clean install. Every change you’ve made to the browser will be kept and restored without any problem.

Backup Vivaldi profile

1. Close Vivaldi browser if open, launch Run dialog and enter the below path

%localappdata%\Vivaldi\User Data

2. Once Vivaldi Profile directory opens, you can notice the Default folder.

To backup your Vivaldi profile, copy ‘Default’ folder to elsewhere in a location other than OS drive. The backup task has been completed.

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Restore Vivaldi Profile

1. When you install Vivaldi freshly again, ensure the browser is closed, paste the above path in the Run dialog and press enter

2. To restore the old Vivaldi profile, while you’re in the Vivaldi User data folder, copy and paste the Default folder to replace the new one, when a dialog prompts to replace or skip files, select ‘Replace the files in the destination’.

backup restore Vivaldi profile

5. Done,

Launch Vivaldi browser, your old data will be still there: you can see the bookmarks, history, extensions etc.

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Happy browsing in Vivaldi!