Opera Software has recently acquired SurfEasy VPN service, they also started promoting SurfEasy VPN in Opera 32 browser, today, the company has released SurfEasy Proxy Extension and is available on Opera add-ons site for download.

To use this extension, you need to create an account on SurfEasy, signing up for a free account using an email address and password gives you 500 MB free data. If you already have SurfEasy VPN account, use that account credentials to activate the extension.

Disable or Remove SurfEasy VPN Promotion Ads in Opera 32

SurfEasy Proxy Extension for Opera

Difference between SurfEasy VPN and SurfEasy Proxy

Both are similar in a way, but VPN is installed on computer and protection is applied to all apps that connect to the internet, whereas Proxy, here SurfEasy Proxy is limited to browser (Opera) only, but both VPN and proxy encrypt users browser traffic.

SurfEasy Proxy Opera Extension

Benefits you get with SurfEasy Proxy

This extension lets you access restricted websites and blocked content.

You can able to surf anonymously without revealing your real IP address to websites.

Change to any location (overall 13 countries supported).

Secure browsing on unsafe public Wi-Fi hotspots.

Bypass firewalls to browse without limits.

Unblock Facebook, SnapChat, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, Skype and other sites and services that are restricted on your network.

Stealthy Extension Lets you Access Restricted Websites in Your Country by Using Proxy Servers

How to trust SurfEasy?

Opera owned SurfEasy says they won’t keep users personal information logs or they won’t sell it to advertisers.

“We are a no-log network, meaning that we don’t keep any logs about your information, your browsing data or your download history. We don’t need this information, because we don’t sell it on to third parties. We make our money through charging a small amount for our service. This means we’re accountable, reliable, and truly secure.”