Mozilla has released Firefox 35 for Windows, Mac and Linux and is now available to download. If you like developer edition’s (formerly Aurora) dark theme and want to add or enable that in the current stable version, you can do it, here is how.

UPDATE August 15, 2015This Add-on enables the Official Developer Theme in Firefox Release and Beta Channels

Enabling Developer edition’s theme in Firefox 35

1. Visit about:config

2. Double click on browser.devedition.theme.enabled preference to change its value to ‘true’.

3.  Next, set devtools.theme preference value to either ‘dark’ or ‘light’, no restart is required.

Firefox 35 using dev edition theme

Bonus: Developer edition is specially made for the developers, if you like to use it here is the offline installer link for it.

Standalone Installer Links for Firefox Nightly, Aurora, Beta and Release Channels

Which theme you’re using for Firefox? Do you like this theme? Let us know in the comments.

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