Yahoo wants its search engine results to appear more faster, that’s why the company has redesigned their search results page (much similar to design of their homepage), but I feel it resembles old design of Google SERP. Laurie Mann, SVP of Yahoo Search says” Today we’re excited to introduce a new, modern design for web search in the U.S. that puts your results front and center.”

Here are the changes Yahoo has made to its search results pages

  • Now, search results appear more higher on page than before.
  • Yahoo SERP loads much faster than before -thanks to under-hood performance improvements.

Yahoo web search new design

“we’re also introducing a new navigation bar at the top of the page so you can easily browse other Yahoo! sites. Over time, we’ll be rolling out the navigation bar across more Yahoo! properties.”

Yahoo says this is first news and expect more to come over the next months ”as we work to deliver a search experience that combines utility with beauty and gets you to your results faster”.