Mozilla adds Search box to Private browsing Page in Firefox Nightly

Image about Mozilla adds Search box to Private browsing Page in Firefox Nightly

We’ve reported Mozilla is testing Search hand-off on New Tab Page where input in the search box will be transferred to address bar, now the company is doing the same for Private browsing page by adding a search box. The new Private browsing page in Firefox Nightly now has a search box with a description and external link below it, where the link takes the user to this page to explain “common myths about private browsing”.

The change landed in Nightly today and target milestone for this has been set to Firefox 66. However, at the moment it’s not clear from the bug that redesigned Firefox’s private browsing page with search box included, will ship to beta and stable versions.

To test search feature in Private browsing mode

  1. Ensure you’re using latest Firefox Nightly (download here)
  2. Launch Nightly, click on hamburger menu and select ‘New Private Window’

Firefox 66 Nightly Private browsing window with search box

When you start typing focus shifts to address bar (and the search box will be hidden) search alias @google will be added before search term and when you press enter, search results will be displayed in the same tab.

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