Opera 51, the next version of Opera browser in development, based on Chromium 64, has added import bookmarks option to bookmarks manager and offers a new setting to allow all sites to use Flash.

Opera 51 allows flash to run all on all sites

After releasing Opera 50 in the new year beginning, Opera Software has updated the dev version by adding ‘Allow Sites to Run Flash’ option in Settings. Meanwhile, the current Stable version offers two settings for Flash in the browser

  • Ask first before allowing sites to run flash
  • Block sites from running Flash.

With the new option added, users who regularly visit Flash sites in the browser can visit settings and enable it as default setting without needing for sites to request every time to allow Flash.

Tip: Here is how you can install Flash Player in Opera browser.

Redesigned Bookmark Manager now offers import and export bookmark options and shows bookmarks imported from other browsers.

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Don’t forget, till now Opera 51 in development, has got Reset Browser Settings button and shows back to tab buton for Popped out video, interested users can download it from here.