You can no longer mute tabs in Chrome from version 64 onwards, the browser allows to mute sites only (not the individual tabs), let us see how we can do the latter.

Mute individual tabs in Chrome 64+

I. Here you can keep Site wide audio muting option and enable tab muting option, for that

1. Visit chrome://flags

2. Search for ‘Tab Audio muting UI control’ flag or visit chrome://flags/#enable-tab-audio-muting

3. Select ‘Enabled’ and Restart the browser.

Now you can able to mute a tab that is playing audio by clicking on volume icon.

You should also note Tab Context menu still shows ‘Site Mute’ option, but not ‘Tab Mute’, if you want the latter back, you’ve to disable Site muting, here is how that can be done.

Disable Site Muting option in Chrome

1. Visit chrome://flags

2. Search for Sound Content Setting and set it to Disabled

3. Close and reopen the Chrome browser.

Now right click on the tab that is playing audio and choose ‘Mute tab’, that tab will be muted, you can able to unmute the tab like before.

Do know the flags are experimental features, may not last long, can be removed by Google or disappear at any time.

Google redesigns the chrome://flags page