Latest AVG Antivirus Free 2017 is blocking built-in VPN in Opera 44 browser. With VPN enabled, if you’ve set any location other than optimal location, then VPN doesn’t work in Opera, it gets stuck on connecting and doesn’t turns on from there. If you’re facing this issue, blame AVG Online Shield for this. You can try the below workaround to fix the issue which makes Opera VPN to work again.

Fixing Opera VPN connection issue caused by AVG

1. Launch AVG main window, open Antivirus Free interface

2. Click on Menu and select “Settings”

3. Select “components”and click on “Customize” for “Web Shield” on the right,

4. Select”Exceptions” and add the following URLs


Note: If you’ve set Opera VPN to United States, then you need to add the following exception


5. After that turn off  the Online Shield and turn it back on.

Similarly, you need to do that for other Country you’ve set other than U.S also. Then only the VPN works.

If you’re lazy enough to do these things, then just disabling the online Shield “Permanently” will do the job for you, but you may miss the Web protection offered by AVG.