Chrome 54 stable has been released for Windows, Mac and Linux platforms, and available for download. After upgrading from Chrome 53 to 54, have you noticed your browser UI looks big and zoomed In even though the Zoom level was set to 100%, you’re not alone, this has been the issue for users having high-DPI displays.

When the DPI Scaling level is 125% or greater, then DPI virtualization will be enabled for all applications on Windows. Chrome is one such application, that now honors the Windows DPI setting. It detects DPI of display used and scales graphical elements, text and screen layout in the browser accordingly.

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Fix Chrome 54 looks Zoomed In

There are two ways to fix Chrome scaling issues without needing to change Windows DPI setting. Try the fix one, restart the browser. If that doesn’t work. Try the second one. Expect either of two to work. Don’t try to launch Chrome by applying two fix instructions at once, as that may not work.

Update: Second solution has worked for most.


1. Right click on Chrome shortcut on the desktop, select Properties

2. Click on Compatibility tab and check ‘Disable display scaling on high DPI Settings


3. Click OK.


II. 1.  Right click on Chrome desktop shortcut, select Propeties,

2.  Add the below switch in the Target field after Chrome.exe”. Note: you need to leave a single space before appending this.

/high-dpi-support=1 /force-device-scale-factor=1

Chrome target field should be like this after adding the above:
 "C:\Program Files (x86)\Google\Chrome\Application\chrome.exe" /high-dpi-support=1 /force-device-scale-factor=1

3. Right click on Chrome shortcut and pin it to taskbar, now launch Chrome.

Note: Before trying the fixes mentioned above, check Zoom level in Chrome and scaling level, here is how you can do that.

For Chrome, visit Settings > click on Advanced Settings, under Web Content, check ‘Page Zoom’, it should be set to default 100%

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Reset Websites Zoom Level to Default in Firefox browser

Windows: Open Control Panel > Appearance and Personalization > Display, click on ‘Set a custom level’. or right click on desktop, select ‘Display Settings’ and look for the ‘Change the size of text, apps and other items’ value.