You can now enable Material design for YouTube site in Google Chrome browser on the desktop, follow the instructions below for that. This has worked for us in Chrome, it also works in other Chromium-based browsers like Vivaldi and Opera.

1. Visit

2. Open Developer tools using Ctrl+Shift+I shortcut

3. Click on the Resources tab > Cookies, select and delete VISITOR_INFO1_LIVE  cookie for Youtube domain

4. Now click on ‘Console’ and copy and paste the following command, and run


5. Reload the browser to see material designed YouTube site in Google Chrome browser.

youtube with material design in Chrome

As long as you don’t delete the new cookie set for YouTube domain or Google intentionally doesn’t allow this workaround, md will stay for the search giant’s video sharing site.

Note:When the new design officially goes live for all, you don’t need to use this method then.