After spending more than one year time in development, Vivaldi browser is finally available to public with version 1.0. Vivaldi 1.0 final is packed with features that power users love, and this browser from Opera co-founder also attracts old opera users. Vivaldi founder/CEO, Von Tetzchner notes the browser based on Chromium renders pages quickly and accurately. ‘We set on a mission to to make web browsers powerful again’. He feels ‘it’s a modern classic designed to help our users get most out of all the time they spend with their browser’

In a nutshell, Vivaldi offers basic browsing features such as sessions, speed dial, better bookmarks and as well more unique features like  web panels, spatial navigation, adaptive interface, tab stacks and tiling, notes and quick commands.

Vivaldi 1.0 final

You need to be using Vivaldi for web Panels feature, which lets you browse tweets or Facebook posts or chat in the sidebar without leaving the open tabs.

Download Vivaldi 1.0 stable  for Windows/ Mac/Linux platforms.