Today we’ve covered a news that doesn’t please Avast users, and now what we’re saying is going to annoy Steam users using Avast as well: Avast antivirus is deleting Steam.exe on users’ computers after detecting and flagging it as a virus.

Steam had received an update recently, Avast has incorrectly detected updated Steam as a threat and hence moved it to Virus Chest, since it’s a false positive, we’ll tell you how to restore it without needing to reinstall Steam again.

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Restoring Avast deleted Steam executable from Virus Chest

1. Open Avast GUI, click on Tools and select Statistics

2. Click on Component Status, click on the Virus Chest tile

3. When Virus Chest opens, select the Steam executable, right click on it and select ‘Restore and add to exclusions‘.

Note: Always download Steam from its website.