Soon with Firefox 40 release, Mozilla to officially launch ‘Idea Town’ program, an opt-in platform for Firefox that allows users to test new features and report feedback. This program allows the Firefox team to test new features such as vertical tabs, stacked tabs, tab badging (3rd party add-on) and tab snoozing.

Tab Snoozing lets you go away particular tabs and re-appear after a certain amount of time. You can test this feature through SnoozeTabs add-on.

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Mozilla’s official SnoozeTabs add-on to Snooze tabs for a while

Install the add-on in the browser. To snooze a tab to appear later in Firefox browser, click on its icon on the toolbar and select anyone from ‘Later today’, ‘Tonight’, ‘Tomorrow’, ‘This Weekend’, ‘Next Week’, ‘Next Month, ‘Rainy Day’, ‘When I’m Free’, or ‘Pick a date’.

Firefox SnoozeTabs add-on

You can manage snoozed tabs (not available at the moment, will be added  to the add-on in future) by visiting Library window.

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And there is a plan to resurface forgotten bookmarks using this add-on in the browser.

“SnoozeTabs has primarily been designed to help manage the latter, eliminating clutter from your tab bar and bookmarks list, but there is no reason you can’t use Snooze Technology™  to recall your referential bookmarks as well. “

Benefits of using SnoozeTabs add-on

  • Switch tabs faster
  • Quickly  find what you want
  • Less system resources consumed
  • No loss of tabs to read later in event of new browser session
  • Better productivity: only keep open the tabs you need to deal with

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Check this PDF and Idea Town program page for more information.

Install SnoozeTabs add-on

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