VaultPress from Automattic that offers backup and security scanning for self-hosted WordPress sites has newly launched ‘Backup Browser’ for their users, this allows them to preview individual files selected from within a backup for restore. If you’ve accidentally deleted a file from your site that could be an image, text or video, instead of restoring the entire site, you can now restore only that exact file from a VaultPress backup with the VaultPress Backup Browser.

Restoring a Single file with the VaultPress Backup Browser after Preview

To restore a file,

  • Visit VaultPress dashboard, click on ‘Backups’ .
  • From latest backups, choose a backup from which you want to restore the file from, click on ‘View Backup’ and browse for the file, select it, preview and click ‘Restore’ button.
  • You can download that file also. (Checkout the below video to see the backup browser in action).

Currently, Backup Browser shows previews of images, text files (with syntax highlighting) and videos.