Avast 8 beta to debut in coming months with redesigned user interface and new features-  Browser cleanup and Software health- provides controls to users in resetting popular browsers homepage and search provider to defaults and also alerts user to update internet applications such as browsers and other to update, if they’re already up-to-date same status will be shown on is interface.

Beta version of upcoming Avast major version 8 has been leaked on internet, we’ve been able to get hands on it.

Avast 8 Beta Review, Screenshots

Installation: User has to surpass five steps to complete the installation which starts from product selection to registration (on ending), could’ve been much better if these steps reduced to two or three in pubic release of Beta.

User interface has been completely redesigned to suit Windows 8 modern interface- home tab shows status of shields & other important functions are Scan and software health, there’re other redundant features for free users like Statistics, Remote Assistance and Avast Market features that were already existed in current Avast 7.

Avast 8 Free antivirus Beta user interface

Software Health is the new feature introduced by Avast shows health status for programs on Windows 7 such as browsers and WinRAR. This feature shows update status of software, you can set Avast to ignore a program update though “More details” button.

Software health Avast 8 Beta

“Avast allows you to monitor and improve the health of software on your computer. It is important to keep your programs up-to-date in order prevent security risks “.

On Windows 8, Avast automatically downloaded Flash update for IE10 through Windows Update, with this feature some security risks can be avoided.

Browser Cleanup is another excellent addition which lets you disable add-ons for Firefox, Chrome and Internet Explorer browsers and also allows you to reset homepage and search provider for each browser from their respective tabs offered on interface.

Avast Browser Cleanup

To open Browser Cleanup tool Click on Security tab>Tools>Browser Cleanup and click on “Start avast browser cleanup now”

Last but not the least Accessanywhere feature lets you fully control your system from any place in the World, you need to have account in Avast to access that feature which you can create or signup for free.

We’ve installed Avast 8 Beta version on Windows 7 and Windows 8, it worked fine. We’ve also able to easily uninstall it from Windows 8 without any issues.

Note: You should know that Avast 8 Beta has not been available officially yet, that’s why’re not providing the download link, so don’t ask us for the same in comments.