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Incremental Garbage Collection to Make Firefox 16 more Smoother and Responsive

Firefox 16 is scheduled to release tomorrow on Tuesday, 9th of this month, today we’re taking time to explain Incremental Garbage Collection major feature for which Mozilla has been worked over an year and Firefox 16 is the first... More of this article »

Auto-Update of Opera Extensions,Security,Performance

Have you tested any opera extensions for Opera 11 alpha now, you can try now .Are you wondering we can install,disable and uninstall Opera extensions then what about update of Opera extensions does they auto-update or should we update... More of this article »
Image for 5 Registry Tweaks to Improve Win7 Performance

5 Registry Tweaks to Improve Win7 Performance

All users know we can enhance Windows performance by tweaking various registry settings , lets take a look at 5 registry tweaks that enhances the performance of Windows 7. Registry Tweaks to Enhance Win7 performance 1.Click Start button... More of this article »