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Image for Google Books Whale Fail  [Funny]

Google Books Whale Fail [Funny]

Recently Google launched eBookstore in U.S where you can able to shop, read and buy books from thousands of titles. It is obvious that if something not found in website, we say as fail rather Twitter’s fail whale appears when twitter... More of this article »
Image for Musical Tour of Google Help Center (Funny Video)

Musical Tour of Google Help Center (Funny Video)

Google provides more information and help articles on their products like Gmail, Google Chrome ,Google search and other products  through help centers ,Google always innovative in describing features through Videos , I am not... More of this article »

Hitler,Chrome Lover finds about Opera 10.60 [funny video]

Not long ago Opera officially released funny video about speed tests and mentioned that they are fastest browser than Google Chrome , now another hilarious video on Opera 10.60 , Hitler being a Chrome lover thinks Chrome is fastest... More of this article »