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Mozilla Firefox 3.0.13 Released

If you are using Firefox 3.0.12 an update of Firefox 3.0.13 is available.Firefox 3.0.13 release fixed several security issues found in Firefox 3.0.12. Firefox 3.0.12 users will be updated to Firefox 3.0.13 automatically if you... More of this article »
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Download Mozilla Firefox 3.0.12 Portable

As Firefox 3.0.12 has been released which fixed several security issues and stability issues found in Firefox 3.0.11.Portable apps website released portable edition of Firefox 3.0.12. Advantages of using Firefox 3.012 portable: With... More of this article »
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Mozilla Firefox 3.0.12 Released

As Mozilla released Firefox 3.5 still lot of people are using Firefox 3.0.x due to incompatibility of add-ons with Firefox 3.5 though Mozilla release updated Firefox 3.5.1.If you are still using Firefox 3.0.x Mozilla released Firefox... More of this article »