MicroStrategy (NASDAQ:MSTR) Given New $1,880.00 Price Target at TD Cowen

MicroStrategy (NASDAQ:MSTRFree Report) had its price target increased by TD Cowen from $1,450.00 to $1,880.00 in a report issued on Friday, Benzinga reports. The firm currently has a buy rating on the software maker’s stock.

A number of other equities research analysts have also issued reports on the company. Sanford C. Bernstein upgraded MicroStrategy to a strong-buy rating in a research note on Friday, June 14th. Benchmark reiterated a buy rating and issued a $1,875.00 target price on shares of MicroStrategy in a research note on Thursday, April 25th. Canaccord Genuity Group increased their target price on MicroStrategy from $1,590.00 to $2,047.00 and gave the company a buy rating in a research note on Wednesday, May 29th. StockNews.com upgraded MicroStrategy to a sell rating in a research note on Monday, March 18th. Finally, BTIG Research increased their target price on MicroStrategy from $780.00 to $1,800.00 and gave the company a buy rating in a research note on Friday, April 5th. One research analyst has rated the stock with a sell rating, four have issued a buy rating and one has assigned a strong buy rating to the stock. According to MarketBeat, MicroStrategy currently has an average rating of Moderate Buy and an average target price of $2,054.20.

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MicroStrategy Stock Performance

Shares of NASDAQ:MSTR opened at $1,372.15 on Friday. The firm has a market capitalization of $24.34 billion, a PE ratio of -204.80 and a beta of 3.08. The company has a debt-to-equity ratio of 1.48, a current ratio of 0.78 and a quick ratio of 0.78. The business has a 50-day moving average of $1,426.24 and a two-hundred day moving average of $1,104.05. MicroStrategy has a 12 month low of $301.08 and a 12 month high of $1,999.99.

MicroStrategy (NASDAQ:MSTRGet Free Report) last announced its quarterly earnings results on Monday, April 29th. The software maker reported ($8.26) EPS for the quarter. The firm had revenue of $115.25 million for the quarter, compared to analyst estimates of $124.80 million. MicroStrategy had a negative return on equity of 8.37% and a negative net margin of 17.40%.

Insider Activity at MicroStrategy

In related news, Chairman Michael J. Saylor sold 1,140 shares of the stock in a transaction dated Wednesday, March 27th. The stock was sold at an average price of $1,951.33, for a total value of $2,224,516.20. Following the completion of the transaction, the chairman now owns 1,140 shares of the company’s stock, valued at $2,224,516.20. The sale was disclosed in a document filed with the Securities & Exchange Commission, which is available at the SEC website. Over the last 90 days, insiders sold 41,996 shares of company stock valued at $61,475,247. Insiders own 13.18% of the company’s stock.

Institutional Inflows and Outflows

A number of institutional investors and hedge funds have recently bought and sold shares of the business. Vanguard Group Inc. grew its position in shares of MicroStrategy by 34.8% in the 1st quarter. Vanguard Group Inc. now owns 1,553,048 shares of the software maker’s stock worth $2,647,263,000 after acquiring an additional 401,071 shares in the last quarter. Capital International Investors lifted its stake in MicroStrategy by 14.9% during the first quarter. Capital International Investors now owns 1,791,564 shares of the software maker’s stock worth $3,053,828,000 after purchasing an additional 232,667 shares during the last quarter. Norges Bank bought a new stake in MicroStrategy during the fourth quarter valued at $70,990,000. Westfield Capital Management Co. LP acquired a new stake in shares of MicroStrategy during the first quarter worth $60,892,000. Finally, APEIRON CAPITAL Ltd acquired a new stake in shares of MicroStrategy during the first quarter worth $53,864,000. Hedge funds and other institutional investors own 72.03% of the company’s stock.

MicroStrategy Company Profile

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MicroStrategy Incorporated provides artificial intelligence-powered enterprise analytics software and services in the United States, Europe, the Middle East, Africa, and internationally. It offers MicroStrategy ONE, which provides non-technical users with the ability to directly access novel and actionable insights for decision-making; and MicroStrategy Cloud for Government service, which offers always-on threat monitoring that meets the rigorous technical and regulatory needs of governments and financial institutions.

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