AB Core Plus Bond ETF (NASDAQ:CPLS) Short Interest Down 6.9% in May

AB Core Plus Bond ETF (NASDAQ:CPLSGet Free Report) saw a large decline in short interest in May. As of May 31st, there was short interest totalling 2,700 shares, a decline of 6.9% from the May 15th total of 2,900 shares. Based on an average daily trading volume, of 9,700 shares, the short-interest ratio is currently 0.3 days.

AB Core Plus Bond ETF Trading Up 0.4 %

NASDAQ CPLS traded up $0.12 during trading on Tuesday, hitting $35.34. 30 shares of the company’s stock were exchanged, compared to its average volume of 8,408. AB Core Plus Bond ETF has a fifty-two week low of $34.37 and a fifty-two week high of $36.12. The firm’s 50 day moving average price is $34.82.

AB Core Plus Bond ETF Announces Dividend

The business also recently disclosed a monthly dividend, which was paid on Thursday, June 6th. Investors of record on Monday, June 3rd were given a dividend of $0.1354 per share. This represents a $1.62 dividend on an annualized basis and a yield of 4.60%. The ex-dividend date of this dividend was Monday, June 3rd.

AB Core Plus Bond ETF Company Profile

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The AB Core Plus Bond ETF (CPLS) is an exchange-traded fund that mostly invests in broad credit fixed income. The fund is an actively managed fund that invests in USD-denominated corporate and government debt securities of any maturity and credit quality. CPLS was launched on Dec 13, 2023 and is issued by AB Funds.

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