How to Fix Disney Plus Error Code 39 in 5 Simple Ways

Disney Plus Error Code 39 is a common issue that stops you from watching your favorite shows and movies

In this article, we talk about the Disney error, its causes and how to fix it. 

What is Disney Plus Error Code 39?

The message “Disney Error Code 39” appears when there’s a security issue in streaming shows or movies. This error often pops up on Xbox One, smart TVs, and streaming gadgets

This error usually comes up if your device is not secure. The strict security rules are there to stop people from sharing or copying the shows illegally

If you are not abiding by the rules, you could get an error message “We cannot play the video you requested. Please try again”. 

Disney Plus Error Code 39

What Is the Cause of Disney Plus Error Code 39?

Several factors can cause Disney Plus Error. Listed below are five causes. 

  • HDCP Compliance: This error often occurs when the streaming device or the HDMI cable being used is not HDCP compliant. HDCP (High-bandwidth Digital Content Protection) is a form of digital copy protection that prevents the unauthorized copying of digital audio and video content. Disney Plus requires a secure HDCP connection for streaming.
  • Weak or Unstable Internet Connection: A stable and strong internet connection is crucial for streaming content on Disney Plus. If the internet connection is weak, unstable, or slow, it might result in error code 39 Disney plus
  • Server Issues with Disney Plus: Sometimes, the error can be on the Disney Plus side due to server issues or maintenance. If their servers are down or experiencing problems, it might lead to streaming issues, including Disney+ error code 39.
  • Outdated App or Device Firmware: Using an outdated version of the Disney Plus app or having outdated firmware on your streaming device can lead to compatibility issues and result in the Disney error code 39. 
  • VPN or Proxy Interference: Streaming while connected to a VPN or proxy can also cause Error Code 39. Disney Plus has measures in place to detect and block VPN or proxy connections as they can be used to access geo-restricted content.

How to Fix Disney Plus Error Code 39?

Once you have identified the causes of the Disney Plus Error, you can start following the steps given below to solve it. 

1. Check Device Compatibility:

  • Look up supported devices on the Disney Plus website.
  • Update your device’s software.
  • Check for device restrictions.
Manage the Device. Log out the devices which is unnecessary
  • Ensure the device is functioning well.
  • Update the Disney Plus app.

2. Check Your Network Status:

  • Check network speed.
Check the Internet Speed
  • Ensure the router functions well.
  • Limit devices on the network.
  • Check for ISP issues.
  • Reset the router if needed.

3. Check Your Device’s HDMI Cable:

  • Secure HDMI cable connection.
  • Check for cable damage.
  • Try different ports on the TV.
  • Ensure cable compatibility.
  • Try an alternate cable.

4. Restart Your Device:

  • Power off the device.
  • Wait 30 seconds to a minute.
  • Check for software updates.
Check for the Windows Update to avoid Disney Plus Error Code 39
  • Clear cache if possible.
  • Launch the Disney Plus app.
Clear Browsing Data to avoid Disney Plus Error Code 39

5. Reinstall Disney Plus App:

  • Uninstall the Disney Plus app.
  • Restart device.
Uninstall Disney Plus App
  • Reinstall the Disney Plus app.
  • Login to Disney Plus.
  • Test by streaming content.
Login to Disney Plus Hotstar to avoid Disney Plus Error Code 39

How to Prevent the Disney Error in Future?

To prevent Disney Plus error from happening in the future, you can take several precautionary measures listed below. 

  • Ensure HDCP Compliance: Make sure that your streaming device and HDMI cables are HDCP compliant. This is crucial for secure content streaming.
  • Maintain a Strong Internet Connection: A stable and fast Internet connection can prevent streaming issues. Consider using a wired connection if possible, and ensure your Wi-Fi signal is strong if you’re connecting wirelessly.
  • Keep Software Updated: Regularly update the Disney Plus app and your device’s firmware to the latest versions to ensure compatibility and security.
  • Avoid VPNs During Streaming: If you’re using a VPN or proxy, try disconnecting it before you start streaming on Disney Plus, as these services can interfere with content playback.
  • Check Disney Plus Servers: Before streaming, you can check online to see if Disney Plus is experiencing any server issues. If they are, it might be best to wait until they resolve the issue.


To wrap it up, the main reasons for Disney Plus Error are usually HDCP issues, regular software updation, and having a weak internet connection

This guide has provided you multiple ways to fix the error, and has also shared tips to prevent it from occuring again. 

If you need more help or want to share your thoughts, just leave a comment below. We’ll get back to you shortly. 

Disney Plus Error Code 39 FAQs

1. What is Disney Plus Error Code 39?

Disney Plus Error Code 39 is a message that pops up when there’s a problem playing a show or movie. It usually happens because of issues with security or your device’s connection.

2. Why does this error happen?

This error can happen for a few reasons, like if your HDMI cable isn’t connected properly, your Disney Plus app is old, your internet is shaky, or Disney Plus itself is having issues.

3. How can I fix Disney Plus Error Code 39?

To fix this, check your HDMI connection, update your Disney Plus app, make sure your internet is stable, or wait a bit if Disney Plus is having problems.

4. Can an old TV cause Disney Plus Error Code 39?

Yes, an old TV might not follow the latest security rules, and that could lead to this error. Using a newer TV or checking for updates might help.

5. How can I stop Disney Plus Error Code 39 from happening again?

Keep everything updated, make sure your connections are secure and have a strong internet connection to help prevent this error in the future.