6 Simple Steps to Fix Destiny 2 Broccoli Error

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Destiny 2 is a popular online game known for its exciting science fiction world. But sometimes, players face technical issues like the “Destiny 2 Broccoli Error”.

This guide will offer information about meaning of the error, its common causes, and solutions to fix it. It also shares a few tips to prevent the error in future. Let’s dive in.

What is ‘Destiny 2 Broccoli Error’?

The error message “Destiny 2 Error Code Broccoli” usually points to issues with the player’s Graphics Processing Unit (GPU). This error can cause the game to crash or even stop it from launching.

It appears as a message displaying the word “Broccoli,” along with some additional information indicating a GPU problem. The GPU drivers can either be damaged or outdated.

Destiny 2 Broccoli Error

What is the Cause of ‘Destiny 2 Broccoli Error’?

Here are a few common causes of Broccoli Error in Destiny 2.

  1. Outdated GPU Drivers: Having outdated drivers for your Graphics Processing Unit (GPU) can cause compatibility issues leading to the Broccoli Error Destiny 2.
  2. Overheating: Overheating of the GPU or other hardware components can trigger this error, especially during intensive gameplay.
  3. Faulty GPU: A malfunctioning or failing GPU can cause the Broccoli error as it directly affects the game’s graphics rendering.
  4. Inadequate Power Supply: An inadequate or unstable power supply to the GPU or the system can lead to this error.
  5. Corrupt Game Files: Sometimes, corrupted or missing game files can cause the Broccoli error, as it may prevent the game from running smoothly.

How to Fix ‘Destiny 2 Broccoli Error’?

There are several ways to fix this error. Follow the step-by-step process mentioned below.

1. Verify System Requirements

  • Check if your PC meets Destiny 2’s minimum requirements.
  • Use dxdiag to check your system specs.
Check the System Specifications
  • Consider upgrading your hardware if necessary.
  • Ensure your operating system is supported.
  • Check for any hardware malfunctions or overheating issues.

2. Update Device Drivers

  • Use a driver update tool or update drivers manually.
  • Restart your computer after updating.
  • Launch Destiny 2 to check if the error is resolved.
  • Ensure the graphics driver is compatible with Destiny 2.
  • Check the manufacturer’s website for any specific driver updates.
Update Graphic Driver and match the compatibility for the Game

3. Run Game in Windowed Mode

  • Launch Destiny 2 in windowed mode via GeForce Experience if applicable.
  • Switch to full-screen mode from the Screen Options tab.
  • Check if the error occurs in both windowed and full-screen modes.
Switch to Full Screen Mode
  • Adjust the resolution settings in windowed mode.
  • Try different aspect ratios to see if the error persists.
Change the Resolution mode and Aspect Ratio for better quality

4. Enable VSync

  • Navigate to Video settings in Destiny 2.
  • Enable VSync and save the settings.
Switch off the V Sync Option in Video Settings.
  • Check the game’s frame rate to ensure it’s stable.
  • Disable other frame rate lock options while VSync is enabled.
  • Monitor GPU temperature to ensure it’s within safe limits.

5. Check for Windows and Game Updates

  • Look for any available Windows updates.
Check for the Windows Update
  • Install any pending game updates from within Destiny 2.
  • Restart your computer and launch Destiny 2.
  • Verify the integrity of game files if playing on Steam.
Click the Option verify integrity game file
  • Check Bungie’s official website for any server-side updates.

6. Graphics Settings Adjustment

  • Lower the graphics settings in Destiny 2.
  • Disable any unnecessary graphics features.
Lower the Graphic Quality
  • Test different graphics settings to find a stable configuration.
  • Try reducing the resolution.
  • Check for any conflicting third-party software or overlays.
Clear any unnecessary Third Party Software

How to Prevent ‘Destiny 2 Broccoli Error’ in Future?

Listed below are some ways to prevent the Broccoli error in future.

  1. Regularly Update GPU Drivers: Ensure that your GPU drivers are always up to date to avoid compatibility issues.
  2. Maintain Optimal Cooling: Ensure your system has adequate cooling to prevent overheating during intensive gameplay.
  3. Regular System Checks: Periodically check your system for hardware issues, especially the GPU, to catch potential problems early.
  4. Verify Game Files: Regularly verify the integrity of game files through the game launcher to catch and fix corrupted or missing files.
  5. Adequate Power Supply: Ensure that your system has a stable and adequate power supply to prevent power-related issues that could trigger the error.


In conclusion, encountering the “Broccoli Error Destiny 2 “on your PC can be annoying.

This article gives you better understanding about what the error is, its causes, and solutions to fix it.

If the error still exists, please write to us.

Destiny 2 Broccoli Error FAQs

1. What is the Error Code Broccoli in Destiny 2?

Error Code Broccoli usually indicates a hardware issue with your Graphics Processing Unit (GPU) which could cause the game to crash or not run smoothly.

2. How can I fix the Error Code Broccoli?

Update your GPU drivers, ensure your system is adequately cooled, verify the game files through the game launcher, and ensure a stable power supply to your system.

3. Is the error related to my computer’s hardware?

Yes, the error is typically related to your GPU, but overheating or an inadequate power supply can also trigger this error.

4. How do I prevent the Error Code Broccoli in the future?

Regularly update your GPU drivers, maintain good cooling in your system, ensure a stable power supply, and verify the integrity of game files often.

5. Where can I seek further help if I can’t resolve the error?

You can visit gaming forums like GBAtemp.net, or contact Destiny 2’s support through their official website for additional assistance.