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  1. venz says

    thanks a million for the “DIY” article on How to Install IDM Integration Extension in Google Chrome Manually. Take care :)

  2. Shivam says

    Thank You Man , i was looking for this IDM to work in chrome for many days , but the thing was i was afraid that after installing the IDM version 6.17 as i had the version 5 , i will lose all my files downloaded location and all that, but after installing this version 6.17 , all went so smooth that now it is working like a charm . Downloads are just a click away. Thank you

    • Venkat eswarlu says

      Make sure you’re following this procedure.
      visit Chrome://extensions page or from Chrome menu>Tools>Extensions
      open folder to which you saved extension, drag and drop it onto center or middle Chrome extensions page. Before you drop on Move button appears on chr.ext page.
      Hope this helps.

  3. Sachin says

    Hey man its still not working on my pc..I’m not getting any I’m unable to download youtube videos..the link to download video not

    • Venkat eswarlu says

      Which version of IDM are you using, recent version has addressed these issues. So make sure you’re using IDM latest version.

    • Venkat eswarlu says

      You’ve to take that decision. Allowing extensions in incognito mode access data on websites, which defeats private browsing feature it self, that’s why all installed extensions not enabled by default for incognito. But you’ve the option to turn them on if you want.

  4. mohsen says

    i can not installed because the chrome said “google has flagged”IDM integration”as malicious and installation has been prevented”

  5. Troubled says

    I cant download stuff cause IDM aint installed. I tried installing IDM on Firefox, but doesnt work, and I just cant seem to get IDM on chrome. It aint there on that ‘extensions’ options under Settings. Im a person with zero knowledge of IT stuff. Help please?

  6. Kavian Rezae says

    Please send the answer to my email!

    when I drag And drop the file , It says : “Apps, Extensions, and user Scripts Cannot be added from this website.”

    • Venkat eswarlu says

      Click on Chrome menu>Tools>Extensions
      Drag and drop extension from folder to center of Chrome://extensions page, it will be installed without any issues.

  7. Marios says

    Hi there ,

    I follow every step as you say but a message pops up from chrome that the software is recognised as malicious and I can’t use the extension of idm.
    Have you faced this problem again?

  8. sunil says

    It is displaying the following mee=ssage when i tried
    Google has flagged IDM INTEGRATION as malacious and installation has been prevented.
    please help me.

  9. Amir says

    when I try to drop “IDMGCExt.crx” into extension page, error page appears with this message: Package is invalid. Details: “.
    please advise.

    • hobalukluk says

      download another IDMGCExt.crx file google it and try to download from different sources and maybe one of them work :) .

        • Venkat eswarlu says

          Hey, read the update at the bottom of article. It is now available on Chrome web store, if you’ve any doubts ask me.

  10. meet patel says

    Dear friend…

    thank you so much, i had some problem to install idm into chrome.

    but with the help of your article
    it is done..

  11. mina says

    I always do it but I had to unistall and install it again recently.. and after dropping it, chrome says “attempted to downgrade extension”. why? :(

  12. sudheer says

    By mistake, i have dragged and dropped it on home page and it got installed too….Now when i follow the correct process by dropping on extension page, it is not showing any idm icon on video links.

    kindly let me know what to do now ?

    • Venkat eswarlu says

      Uninstall IDM from Control Panel and re-install its latest version, open Chrome, when its menu prompts to enable IDM extension, enable it, simple. Is it working for you? Let me know.

  13. sai theja says

    I am droping the crx file idm integration file into the extensions but its says “attemted to downgrade extension” pls help me………

    • Venkat eswarlu says

      Sai theja, Have you got that error with file downloaded from Mediafire or when used from the IDM directory?
      Try to download the IDM extesion file from Mediafire link I posted, it now works and has been replaced with latest version. Has that worked for you? Let me know.

  14. Sam says

    Hi i copied this exactly and the extension shows up in the extension tab but when i go to plug ins it is not showing up. Any ideas?

    • Venkat eswarlu says

      You’re right it is of 63 KB, go ahead and it install it manually, I hadn’t mentioned about particular size of extension file, follow the steps in the article if you’ve found IDMGCExt.crx file in the IDM directory.

  15. faari says

    thanks but i have a problem my video which is downloaded from idm is not playing .i click the play button but it is not playing . plz help me what can i do?

    • Venkat eswarlu says

      Talking about single video file you’ve downloaded not working, try to re-download the file again, it also depends on video file format and video player you’re using on your computer.

  16. Tanmoy says

    i did evrything you said… it still doesn’t work… everything you said did work right, but still the “download this video” button doesn’t appear.. however i don’t have IDM plugin option.

  17. el says

    i’ve downloaded the idm 2 times already, yet plugins haven’t shown up.
    Did what you mentioned in your post, guess the problem is within the plugins.
    Have any idea why? and how to fix it?

  18. tina says

    I have integrated the “.crx” file into Google Chrome, I can see it on the extension page, but the button still does not appear. Why is that?

  19. CryingLightning says

    I’ve been lurking around the web for like 30 minutes and i can’t seem to find the answer. and then i accidentally stumbled on your website and boom! I finally found the answer.

    Thank you so much!

    I love you man (no HOMO) “I’m a college student.”

    :) :) :) :) Thank you again!

    LOL, Pls dont bother me. im just grateful eternally. haha!

  20. satyendra says

    Hii venkat,I have a small issue regarding IDM extension added but “This extension may have been corrupted.” error and there is a repair link but i seen some videos,if click on repair,its automatically works but the repair link is not working on my browser,please tell me sloution to add extension.

  21. satyendra korada says

    As You mentioned above,i followed same but there are some issues with that..can u please solve me…

    “This extension may have been corrupted.” it is an error message displaying in extensions and IDM is disabled.please solve it.

  22. Shamika says

    Hey.. I tried this and now extension has been added to chrome but there’s no pop up for download this file when i visit you-tube or any other site.

  23. kevin says

    Not working, currently i’m using chrome v67 and idm v6.31. After i follow your steps it says “apps, extensions, and user scripts cannot be added from this website”.

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