How to Remove or Delete Google Chrome Profile?

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Sometimes, people using Google Chrome create specific user profiles to keep things like bookmarks and browsing history organized. But what if you have too many profiles or one you don’t need anymore? Knowing how to delete chrome profile can be very helpful in such situations. Removing unwanted profiles helps keep your browser clean and runs smoothly.

Don’t worry, deleting a profile from Chrome is easy and quick! Whether you want to remove one or many profiles, or even if you’re going to delete your Google profile from Chrome, you can do it in a few simple steps without any trouble.

While creating a profile, you can customize it with a color theme and name.

How to Delete Google Chrome Profile?

Here are the steps to delete google chrome profile

  1. Launch Chrome
  2. Click the profile icon.
  3. In the user profile menu, click on the gear icon next to “other profiles” in the user profile menu to manage profiles.
    click Manage profiles
  4. In the displayed Profile Picker
    Chrome showing multiple profiles
  5. Select the Delete button from the three dots at the upper right of the profile by clicking there.
    delete Google Chrome profile
  6. To confirm, press the Delete button.
    Delete this profile and its data

This cannot be reversed.

If you have more than one profile, switch to a different profile before performing the preceding steps in order to delete the one that is presently active.

In conclusion, removing a Google Chrome profile is a quick and easy process that only requires a few basic steps.However, it’s crucial to keep in mind that the profile’s data will all be permanently lost, so make sure to export any crucial data such as bookmarks.

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Reasons For Deleting s Google Chrome Profile

Chrome leaves your profile data behind when you uninstall it from your machine. You will find this useful if you decide to reinstall Chrome.

Because your profile contains bookmarks, passwords, and user preferences that will be helpful when you download the browser again, Chrome has left your profile intact.

You must manually delete the profile if you want it to be destroyed after Chrome has been uninstalled or if you are using Chrome with many profiles and find one of them to be superfluous.

Before continuing, make a backup of your profile in case you need it later.

Paste this into the Run dialogue box or File Explorer, then click Enter.

%USERPROFILE%\Local Settings\Application Data\Google\Chrome

Copy the data by opening the User Data Folder.