How to Know Your First Follower in Twitter

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Twitter is for the latest headlines, breaking news everything you can know what’s happening in real-time by following certain kinds of people related to your interests. By the time you joined Twitter, you may be not popular as you are maybe now. Have you remember your first follower, don’t tell me he’s a bot. :Get notified When Someone Unfollows You On Twitter

It may be easy for you to get lots of followers now on Twitter after you have already established your brand by tweeting interesting news or due to you are a popular tech blogger. But getting the first follower is different, after all, you have to start from one to move forward. The first follower gave you recognition, you have a follower to at least by that time to tell to your friends.

You may already know when you’ve joined Twitter and now you can know who your first follower is with Affinittweet.

After knowing so much about Twitter and getting a lot of followers who have established your brand, you have to look back and think about when I joined Twitter and who is my first follower.

Maybe that’s history if you are following the same follower or not, whether that follower is following you now or not is irrelevant. It’s good that you follow your first follower no matter how many followers he has. Yes, I am following my first follower.

How to know your First Follower on Twitter

  1. Visit AffiniTweet’s First Follower Page
  2. Even if you already signed into Twitter, it asks for the same, click “log in to continue”
  3. When twitter prompts you for to access your account, click “authorize App”
  4. visit the link in the first step and follow the onscreen steps.
    Your first follower is revealed by Affinitweet
    The App also reveals who you followed first. Give the “First Following” tool a try as well.