How to disable or remove Firefox View in Firefox

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With Firefox v106 and the ability to annotate PDFs,  Mozilla introduced a new feature called Firefox View. The feature is a pinned tab on the tab bar by default and allows viewing recently closed and synced tabs from other devices running Firefox and changing themes via Colorways. Here is how you can disable or remove it if you didn’t like it.

What is Firefox View?

Firefox View is a feature that lets you rediscover the content you visited a while back on your devices running Firefox when you click on pinned the tab on the toolbar.

It lets you access recently closed tabs on your present devices and tabs from other devices in Firefox via the tab pickup feature and color your browser with different themes inspired by independent voices.

Firefox View introduced with firefox 106

Firefox View Pinned Tab showing recently closed tabs

Apart from the desktop, to see tabs from Firefox running on mobile, sign into your Firefox account and Sync.

After all, you’re one click away from checking your recently closed pages.

Note: The Firefox View Tab button won’t appear in Private browsing windows as it breaks privacy.

Reasons to hate or dislike Firefox View:

  • Firefox icon as a pinned tab may confuse users.
  • If you switch to other Pinned tabs Firefox View button still appears to annoy you.
  • It has a different new menu unlike other pinned items and can’t be closed easily.

You can completely ignore Firefox View Pinned Tab or delete it from the tab bar if you’ve found it disturbing and useless.

You can disable the Firefox View tab button in 3 ways. we’re detailing the three methods below.

How to remove Firefox View

Method I:

  1. Click on the Firefox View pinned icon on the left side of the toolbar
  2. and select Remove from the toolbar

Method II.

  1. Click on the Overflow icon  (>>) on the toolbar
  2. In the Customize Firefox dialog window
  3. Drag and drop the Firefox View button tab to customize the panel
    Firefox View button in Customize dialog
  4. Click Done.

Method III.

  1. Visit about:config in the address bar
  2. Select the checkbox and Click Accept the Risk continue
  3. Type “Firefox-view” in the search bar
  4. Change browser.tabs.firefox-view pref value to false.

Re-enable or restore the Firefox View button

  1. Right-click on toolbar
  2. Select “Customize Toolbar”
  3. Drag and drop the Firefox View button before the back and forward navigation buttons.
  4. Click Done.
  5. Or change browser.tabs.firefox-view pref value to true in about:config.

When you sign into your Firefox account and sync stuff, your tabs will be available across devices running Firefox, then what’s the use of Firefox View?

Final words:

Firefox View is a desktop feature added by Mozilla to Firefox with version 106 for users to provide a quick way to pick up tabs from where they left off on mobile and desktop and change the theme of firefox using colorways. The feature can be removed or disabled, we’ve covered the instructions in detail for the same in this article.

What’s your take on this? Have you found the feature useful? Let us know in the comments below

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