How to disable Widgets board open on hover in Windows 11

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Widgets in Windows 11 may be useful that serve feed on news, sports, entertainment, stock market, and weather conditions, but when you unintentionally hover over the Weather widget on the taskbar, the Widgets board comes in your way, here is you can disable that if you found the behavior pretty annoying.

The Weather widget shows different animated icons for the weather in real-time with temperature and informs when it is raining or hot outside, or cold.

You can also live without the weather widget in Windows 11.

We already covered how to uninstall and reinstall Widgets if you found Widgets unnecessary.

Windows 11 Widgets board

If you’ve left-aligned your Start Menu in Windows 11, with the temperature icon being present, there is a chance for the Widgets board’s unwelcomed entrance when you mouse over while you use other applications such as Skype and Edge on the left side of the taskbar.

Users requested Microsoft to provide an option to turn off the Widgets board hover over.

After getting feedback, Microsoft is working on giving users greater control over the Widgets board appearance when they hover over the taskbar icon, notification badging, and the ability to disable live content on the taskbar by adding three toggles in Widgets settings.

The new Widgets Taskbar behavior settings are introduced in Windows 11 build 25211 by Microsoft and presently rolling out.

Disable opening of Widgets board on hover over in Windows 11

  1. Press the win +W shortcut to open the the Widgets board
  2. Click on the Profile button in the top right corner to open Widgets Settings
  3. Turn off the following settings to disable the features
    Open Widgets board on hover over
    Show notification badges
    Show announcements

    disable widgets board on hover over

    disable widgets board on hover over

Turning off the last two settings is optional, but by doing so, you’ll get rid of notification badges and live widget content on the taskbar icon.

After completing the above steps, when you mouse over the taskbar icon accidentally, the Widgets board doesn’t open or pop up.

These new Widgets settings for the Weather icon are a step in the right direction and allow users to completely disable unwanted widget interventions on the taskbar

Final words:

Good news to Widgets haters, going forward, Windows 11 offers an option in Widgets Settings to turn off the opening of the Widgets board that appears when you hover over the weather icon on the taskbar. Here is an early look at the setting and how to use it.

What’s your take on the new Widgets Settings for taskbar? Have you found them useful? Let us know in the comments below.

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