How to enable or disable Google Photos Memories on Chrome New Tab Page

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Chrome uses its New Tab Page to show users the most visited website shortcuts. Google sometimes uses Chrome’s new Tab Page to show shopping offers, and Google Drive files  (when signed in), soon Chrome may show Google Photos Memories on the start page. Here is how you can enable or disable the feature right now.

Google Photos Memories

Google Photos Apps in Android is familiar to most users running smartphones.

Photos App displays your Photo memories in the past years or recent weeks now and then, if you’ve missed them, Chrome is giving you the opportunity to see them on New Tab Page on the desktop itself without hassle.
how to enable Google Photos memories on chrome new tab page

How to enable Google Photos Memories in Chrome on New Tab Page

  1. Launch Chrome browser
  2. Sign into Chrome. For that, click on the profile icon on the toolbar and click turn on sync
  3. Enter Google account credentials
  4. Visit chrome://flags
  5. Search for “photos“, For NTP Photos Module, select Enabled and restart the browser
  6. Upon relaunch, on New Tab Page, you’ll be shown a card highlighting to see your memories
  7. Click “See memories“,
  8. 3 Photos from past years or months will be shown in a slide show
  9. Clicking a photo, take you to your Google Photos account with all your Photos to explore.
    You can click on the card on NTP and choose “hide your memories for today”.

Note: The feature can be tested in pre-release versions of Chrome. There is now information available  which Chrome version is going to ship with Google Photos Memories feature

Chrome is giving full control over the exposure of Google Photos. You can prevent them from appearing on NTP due to privacy reasons, here is how that can be done.

How to disable Google Photos Memories on New Tab Page in Chrome

1. Open New Tage Page
2. Click on Customize this page icon at the bottom
3. Select Cards
4. Under customize cards, disable “Google Photos Memories

5. Click Done.

Final words:

Chrome is bringing Google Photos to New Tage Page for users to cherish and see their past memories. You may not miss the memories like the Photos app on Android as they are available to see on NTP whenever you want. If you are concerned about privacy, you can disable Google Photos Memories easily. instructions are covered for both in this article.

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