Best Photo Editors for Windows 11

Looking for a photo editing program compatible with Windows 11? No worries – you won’t spend a minute longer searching for suitable software. In this article, you will discover the best 4 programs for photo post-processing. We are going to show you beginner-friendly and professional photo editors for any budget. Want to try more tools? Then use the link to check out the best photo editing software for Windows 11.

Photoshop Elements

Photoshop Elements is a computer program for photo post-processing. This photo editor for Windows 11 is more beginner oriented than other products of the developer but it still offers the advanced features available in classical Photoshop. So if photo editing is new to you, then Photoshop Elements will help you learn the basics before moving on to other professional programs.

So what can you do with this software? There are three tabs with different sets of tools – Quick, Guided, and Expert. The Quick offers basic editing tools like adding captions, cropping, applying frames, etc. In the Guided tab, you’ll find lots of tutorials to watch. As for the Expert tab, it allows you to adjust facial features, make a shaky image sharper, remove unwanted objects, create double exposure, and so on.

Even though this program is a simplified version of Photoshop, it still takes some time to figure it out. The program costs $59.99 which might seem too costly to someone who is taking their first steps in this sphere. But if you want an Adobe product for a relatively cheap price, Photoshop Elements is the right one – purchasing its license is cheaper than buying a monthly subscription to, let’s say, Adobe Photoshop.


Talking about the best photo editors for Windows 11, we couldn’t ignore PhotoWorks, a user-friendly program suitable for both newbies and pros. It lets you tweak your photos with a wide range of professional-grade features like batch processing, AI-based retouching, changing background, color correction, tone mapping, and more. You can also upgrade your pictures just in one click by applying a filter from the huge collection of effects – Quick enhancements, Vintage effects, Movie effects, Photographic films, etc. Besides, PhotoWorks supports all the popular file formats including 450+ RAW formats.

What’s more, you don’t have to waste your time reading and watching tutorials on how to use PhotoWorks since it has a very clear and intuitive interface. Give it a try and experiment with the handy tools during the free trial.


Another Windows 11 photo editor to try is Luminar. The editing tools of the program are grouped into Essentials, Creative, Portrait, and Professional. You can change contrast and saturation, crop the images, swap the sky, erase certain objects from your photos, and more. Luminar recognises TIFF, JPEG, and RAW. But it requires 10 GB of free space, so make sure your computer meets the system requirements. The file management is also rather confusing in the photo editor. If it still sounds like a suitable option for you, then you can purchase it for $79.

Photos Pos Pro

Photos Pos Pro, photo editing software for Windows 11, also has a couple of useful features to offer. The program allows you to replace the background of your picture, use masks and layers, remove the red eye effect, add blur, and so on. It also has cool frames and text effects to apply. There is a free and paid version – to set the resolution to export your final images in, you’ll need a lifetime license for $49.90. Besides, Photos Pos Pro has limited RAW support.

These were the best photo editing software for Windows 11. To choose the right program, think of the effects and features you are going to use often in your projects. Moreover, be sure your computer meets the system requirements of the installed photo editor – otherwise, the downloaded software won’t be working well.

The programs we introduced to you in this article offer different toolkits, interfaces, support different file formats, and are available for different prices. Besides, some of them are designed for proficient users while others can be mastered even by total beginners. Now you know everything you need for picking a suitable photo editor for your PC, so go ahead and give it a try.