Best Solutions to Recover Permanently Deleted Files Easily

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Managing data on your system and mobile devices often gets tricky due to the huge information that is housed in the system memory. Unorganized or mismanaged data can put forward the issues of crucial information getting accidentally deleted. The problem aggravates when the damage is irrevocable. However, professional data recovery software offers a diversity of solutions to walk through the concern. In today’s post, we will talk about how to recover permanently deleted files, keep reading to have the know-how of affordable methods.

Is It Possible to Recover Permanently Deleted Photos?

As relaxing as it may sound, you can recover permanently deleted photos from your computer or external devices with convenience, thanks to the high-speed advancements in technology. You can choose any suitable file recovery software, such as Wondershare Recoverit to get back the deleted data in just a few simple steps. Talking of the alternative possibilities, you can also opt for a data backup to be safe against the risk of data loss.

Quick and Convenient Methods to Recover Permanently Deleted Files

Mentioning the most effective and popular way to handle the task of recovering deleted data files, you can work with a professional data recovery tool, or retrieve the files from the system’s Recycle Bin. Keeping your data backed up is another smart way of ensuring information safety. Let us see through each of these data recovery methods in requisite detail in what follows next:

Method 1: Using a Professional Data Recovery Tool- Wondershare Recoverit

Working with professional data recovery software is affordably the best method to get back the files that have been permanently deleted from your PC or system. When looking for a suitable alternative, you can comfortably rely on the Wondershare Recoverit to address the concern. The latter is a quick, smart, and accurate tool for retrieving data files with the highest recovery rate ever while maintaining the original quality.

Key Features and Merits of Wondershare Recoverit

Choosing the aforesaid software for addressing the data recovery concerns entitles you to the following advantages:

  • Recoverit greets you with a responsive and user-friendly interface that is easy to use and navigate through even for non-tech savvy users. The newbie wizard of Recoverit is dedicated to guiding you through the data recovery process at each step for fast results.
  • When working with Wondershare Recoverit, you can rest assured with the concerns of file size and type, as it supports recovering 1000+ file formats from 2000+ storage devices.
  • You can rest assured of the resolution and quality of the recovered data files as the program gets back your lost files with a massive recovery rate of 96%.
  • You can scan and preview that data to be recovered without having to pay a penny, and stop the scanning process in between to get back the selected files.

How to Recover Lost Data with Recoverit?

Download and install the Wondershare Recoverit program from its official site on your PC or Mac.

Step 1: Launch the Software

Launch it by tapping on its desktop icon. You can also enter ‘Recoverit’ in the search field, followed by opening the same either by clicking or selecting ‘Open’ in the menu at the right.

Step 2: Recover Your Files

The data recovery process comprises 3 steps:

1).Choosing the Location

Tap on the ‘Hard Drives and Locations’ tab in the left panel of the tool’s welcome interface. The ‘Hard Drives’ tab appears for choosing the destination drive. While you can select any one, users commonly pick the ‘Desktop’ folder under the ‘Quick Access’ tab.


2). Scanning the Location

Tap on ‘Start’ to initiate the location scanning process. The tool facilitates real-time tracking of the scanning procedure. To check for big footage files, tap ‘Advanced Video Recovery’ in the bottom-left.



The tool permits you to choose, filter, and pinpoint the files to be recovered by enabling any of the ‘Time’, ‘File Type’, ‘File Size’, and ‘All Files’ options. The data that matches your requirements will appear on the PC screen.


You can enter related keywords within the search field in the top right corner to retrieve selected files.


You can pause or resume the scanning procedure using respectively, the Pause’ and ‘Play’ buttons. When the required data files are detected, tap on the ‘Stop’ button to end the file scanning process.

3).Previewing and Recovering the Files

Choose the files you want to get back and tap the ‘Recover’ button. Double click on the file or hit the ‘Preview’ button to preview the chosen files. You can preview audio-visual and graphic files, Word and Excel documents, PDFs, etc.

When everything seems fine, hit the ‘Recover’ button and choose a different storage destination to retrieve the selected files.


Method 2: Recovering Deleted Files from Recycle Bin or Backup

If you are keen to work on the deleted files recovery task without any software, you can work with the inbuilt recovery utility of the recent Windows OS versions. The latter comes with a ’File History’ feature that creates an automatic backup of the chosen file directories. You can conveniently access the backups if you had the feature activated before the files got deleted. Here’s how you can use the feature to recover permanently deleted files from Windows 10:

  • Enter ‘File History’ in the ‘Start’ menu and choose the ‘Restore your files with File History’ option.
  • Tap the ‘History’ button to see all the backed-up data.
  • Choose the required files and tap ‘Restore’ to get them back.


Quick Summary

Sorting out the concern of recovering permanently deleted data files from your PC can be addressed with a variety of tools and methods. One of the best ways is using the Wondershare Recoverit professional data recovery tool. The software is dedicated to retrieving your deleted files quickly with an affordably high recovery rate. The high-precision software maintains the original quality of your data on retrieval. You can scan, preview and recover files of any size and type with the software. The user-cohesive interface guides you at each step of the recovery process for getting the desired results.