Google Chrome to reveal Your new Password Strength

Image about Google Chrome to reveal Your new Password Strength

Google is improving security for Passwords once again in the Chrome browser on the desktop. After getting the Password generator and alert about compromised or reused or weak Passwords, Chrome soon will warn users whether their Passwords are strong or not, through a new feature, the Password Strength indicator when they type Password for signups or change passwords on websites.

Generally, most websites offer suggestions while creating Passwords to suggest that it should contain above 8 characters with a combination of letters, numbers, and symbols.

Users may still ignore and use some common Passwords that are easy to guess and hacked by actors with malicious intent.

Google Chrome, Micorsoft Edge, and Mozilla Firefox can generate strong and unique passwords for online accounts when you signup. They have a built-in Password Generator.

While Edge and Chrome Password Manager can both tell Passwords saved to it are weak or reused or involved in a data breach.
Edge does have a dedicated health column in its Passwords Manager that shows each Password strength through a meter.

What is Password Strength Indicator?

It’s common for most users while creating online accounts to either use a simple or reused Password. That’s where the Password strength indicator itself comes into play. it shows the strength of Password in graphical (emoji) or text form. it motivates the user to strong passwords. The Strength meters reveal whether your password can be easy to crack.

Chrome Password Strength Indicator

Reddit with Password Strength meter

Reddit with Password Strength Meter built-in

Some websites (e.g. Reddit), apps, and third-party Password Manager themselves show Password you’re going to create for an account on their website is strong or not, Chrome is now making sure it pops up as a strength indicator while you’re signing up or changing your password on websites.

Enable Strength Indicator for Passwords in Chrome

  1. Launch Chrome
  2. Visit chrome://flags
  3. Search for “strength”, in the highlighted results, for “Password Strength indicator“, in the dropdown, select Enabled
    Chrome Password strength indicator flag
  4. Restart the browser.

Note: You should be using Chrome 106 Canary to test this feature. Feature flag expiry was set to Chrome 110. According to the Chrome release Schedule, version 106 is to be released on September 27.  As of now, the Password Strength feature is not working.

Final words: Google Chrome is getting a Password Strength indicator built-in, here is how you can enable the feature in the Chrome browser right now.

Chrome is making users to create strong passwords for new accounts by showing their strength for them, don’t you think this will be a good addition to Chrome? Let us know in the comments below.

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