[Easy Guide] How to Bypass Google Account Samsung?

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With the release of new Android versions, Google introduced a new security feature called Factory Reset Protection (FRP). FRP requires your Google account information to unlock your device after a factory reset. This is a great security measure, but it can be frustrating if you don’t remember your Google account password.

Maybe Have you forgotten your password or recently purchased a second-hand phone and need to get around the previous owner’s account? Whatever the reason, it’s relatively easy to FRP bypass Samsung. This article will show you how to bypass FRP Google Lock on Samsung easily.

Part 1: What Is Google Account Verification

Google account verification is 2 step verification that helps to protect the device’s privacy and keep it safe and secure. FRP (Factory Reset Protection), also known as ‘Activation Lock,’ offers inbuilt security measures to protect against unauthorized access to your device and data. FRP is an essential feature in the device, but there are many situations when we may not be able to access it, requiring the need to unlock like: Before doing a factory data reset, you forget to delete the Google account from the device.

When you are locked out of Google Account, you may be curious about how to bypass google lock on Samsung?

The quick answer is that it is possible. There are many ways to bypass FRP Samsung.

Here you need FRP to unlock the program to bypass Google lock on Samsung.

Part 2: [Highly Recommended] How to Bypass Google Account Verification Samsung easily via 4uKey for Android?

If your Samsung phone is stuck in the Google account verification process and you want to deactivate your Google account without a password, then Tenorshare 4uKey for Android is for you. It could fix locking out Google verification without data loss.

{H3}Here are steps on how to bypass Google verification after reset, Samsung easily via 4ukay for Android:

Step 1: Install 4uKey for Android on your PC. Then connect your Samsung device to your PC and select “Remove Screen lock”(FRP).

remove screen lock

Step 2: Tap on “Start” so that 4uKey could remove the Google lock.

sending notification to Samsung device

Step 3: Wait for a few minutes to complete the remove process.

sending notification to Samsung device

Step 4: Then restart your device and follow the instructions accordingly. Then you would see the words about “Bypassed Google FRP Lock Successfully!”.

bypassed google frp lock sucessfully

Note: You may see the page asking to sign in with a Google account instead of the verifying page. It means the FRP lock has been deleted. However, you can skip this step and set it up later.

Part 3: Why Should You Choose Tenorshare 4ukey for Android?

The best solution to use Tenorshare to bypass google lock as it offers the quick and fast solution.

Main Features

Tenorshare 4uKey for Android has a bucket of features.

  • The software supports the removal of the Android lock screen both for Window and Mac devices.
  • It will help to unlock outdated Samsung devices without any data loss
  • Tenorshare 4uKey could remove the password-protected Samsung FRP lock which are Supported by Android 12.
  • Unlock any type of Android screen lock.
  • 4uKey for Android will do secure and quick unlocking for you.

Pricing Plans

The pricing plans are given below:

  • A purchase of a 1month license can help you unlock 5 devices, and 1 PC costs $ 35.95 with auto-renewal. There will be free upgrades for 1 month, and the user can cancel the license at any
  • With a 1-year license, you could save 70% of the price, and it costs $ 39.95.
  • There is another lifetime License package where you would get free upgrades for a lifetime, costing $49.95.

Here 5 devices mean that you can apply the product to 5 iOS or Android devices. In comparison, 1 PC means that you can install and launch this program on one PC or Mac computer.

Part 4: Key Conclusion

If you ever forget your Samsung device password, you don’t need to be afraid. Tenorshare 4uKey for Android is more reliable and efficient than the other methods. Because it can bypass Google Lock on Samsung without data loss. The tool can be used to remove fingerprint locks, pattern locks, password locks, and pin locks. Besides, it is the only way that does not require you to remember your Samsung login credentials. The main feature of the tool is that you can quickly and easily remove the lock on Samsung. Therefore, it is strongly recommended if you are searching for the way how to bypass google lock on Samsung.