Finally, Chrome can now Translate Selected Text

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New Microsoft Edge based on Chromium already has the ability to translate a full page and partial text, Google Chrome on desktop with translation feature built-in till now allows to translate the whole web page, it can now translate selected text also when you right click and select the option in the context menu.

Google translate-powered Chrome helps users to read foreign language pages in their primary language set in the browser.

The Google Translate extension has the ability to translate highlighted text or words in addition to translating an entire page. This should have been incorporated into Chrome also, Google is now doing that.

Yes, soon you can able to highlight or right-click on a text and ask Chrome to translate it, the browser displays the translated text in at the top from the tabbed UI.

Google has put the experimental feature behind a flag named Partial translate in Chrome, here is how you can enable and use it right now.

Enable the Partial Translate feature in the Chrome browser

  1. Launch Chrome browser
  2. Visit chrome://flags
  3. Search for “partial “, in the dropdown for Desktop Partial Translate, select Enabled
    chrome desktop partial translate
  4. And restart the browser.

The feature available for Windows, Mac, and Linux “enables the partial translate feature on desktop, which allows users to translate text selections on the page through the right-click context menu”.

Note: The partial translate feature is currently being tested in Chrome 106 canary. The experimental feature milestone was set to Chrome 112. According to the release schedule Chrome version, 106 is scheduled to be released on September 27, 2022

How to Translate selected Text in the Chrome browser

  1. Visit a foreign page,
  2. Select certain passage on the page, right-click, and select Translate to English
    translate to English right click context menu option for selected text
  3. Chrome will show the translated text at the top in a bubble with the option to “Translate full page
    Chrome offers translate full page and allows to choose another language for translation

As of now the text not getting translated in a bubble, expect this to work when other CLs land for this feature.

Do note, Chrome with automatic translation translates the page immediately when you navigate to a page that is not in your language, you may want to click on the icon in the address bar and select the original language so that you can select text or phrase for translation that happens when you select the option on right-click menu.

Final words: Google Chrome on dekstop can now able to translate text when you select the “Translate to English” option in right-click menu without the need to rely on the Google Translate extension. The feature is new.

What’s your take on this? Don’t you think highlighted text translation should have been added to Chrome a long time back? Let us know in the comments below.

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