How to Move Chrome’s Side Panel to Left

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Google Chrome now allows users to move Side Panel to the left side of the screen from the right. Google has added an option for the same in Chrome appearance settings. Here is how you can do that. By default, the Side panel will appear on the right.

From Firefox, Vivaldi, and Opera to new Microsoft Edge and Chrome, these browsers follow the same pattern of displaying a single panel aka Sidebar to view and access history, bookmarks, and other stuff.

Edge is currently testing a Sidebar that lets you quickly open Search, Outlook, Drop, E-tree, Discover feed, and Games. This appears on the left side by default and Edge as of now doesn’t allow the user to change the Sidebar position.

Of these browsers, Firefox allows moving the Sidebar to right. Chrome now joining Firefox now for its Side Panel.

Chrome side panel appearing on left side

Chrome’s Side Panel

Google Chrome introduced Side Panel sometime back with the ability to access bookmarks and Reading list from the sidebar without needing to switch between bookmarks manager and reading list.
Chrome side panel apepars by default on right side

Chrome is also using the Side Panel to display Google search results, history journeys, and Google Lens Image Search.

If you didn’t like the Side Panel position on the right of the screen in Chrome as it sticks to the corner and comes in your way as you work, Chrome now allows you to display and access it from the left side as well.

How to move Side Panel to left in Chrome

  1. Click on the 3-dot menu, select Settings
  2. Visit Appearance,
  3. Under the Side Panel,
  4. Select “Show on left
    side panel appearance settings show on left right

Click on the Side Panel icon to see the change. The change applies to all open windows and per profile.

To switch the side panel to the right side view again, select the “Show on right” option in Appearance settings.

Final words:

Side Panel in Google Chrome by default appears on the right side, Chrome now allows users to switch its position or move it and appear on the left through new Settings added for Side Panel in the Appearance Section.

What’s your take on this? Do you want the Side panel to appear on the right or left side of the screen? Let us know in the comments below.

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