Google may soon run Privacy Sandbox V3 trials in Chrome

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Google launched Privacy Sandbox in 2019. The company announced it will phase out support for third-party cookies towards the end of 2023. Clearly, it is far ahead and the company seeks more time for testing and running origin trials. Google is now working on the Privacy Sandbox V3 User interface and its related features in Chrome. The firm added the first bits to Canary.

What is Privacy Sandbox
Privacy Sandbox is an initiate from Chrome to phase out third-party cookie tracking on the web and wants to improve the privacy of users. Google still wants to deliver relevant ads from advertisers on websites through new technologies.

Privacy Sandbox V3

While we don’t know the status of version 1 and version 2, Google is now readying version 3 of Privacy Sandbox in the Chrome browser. The company added the first bits of its UI and features behind a flag in Canary 100. Here is how you can enable and test them.

Chrome Privacy Sandbox v3 trials UI features

Enable Privacy Sandbox V3 in Google Chrome

  1. Open Chrome
  2. Load chrome://flags
  3. Find Privacy Sandbox V3, in the dropdown next to it select Enabled and restart the browser
    Privacy Sandbox V3 flag
  4. Click on the 3-dot icon and select Settings
  5. Click on Privacy and security, under Privacy and security
  6. Click on Privacy Sandbox, under Trials, toggle the switch to on if you want to Participate

Chrome Privacy Sandbox v3 features

Though at present the details are just placeholders, the page reveals Privacy Sandbox third iteration’s main features, here they’re

  1. Browser-based ad personalization: Chrome displays a list of interests as you browse the web. The sites you visit generally define your interests in the Chrome browser.
    browser based ad personalization Privacy Sandbox
  2. Ad measurement
  3. Spam & fraud reduction

On the other hand, the Privacy Sandbox trial features in stable features Floc.

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