Chrome Soon lets you mute compromised passwords

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There may be a use case or two, where you don’t want the Chrome browser to warn or show breach alert for certain passwords. Google is now working on adding a mute and unmute option for such cases to Chrome for users to dismiss (and restore) the warning for those compromised Passwords, so it won’t show alerts next time when you run Password check again.

When you sign into Chrome and save Passwords and usernames on websites you log in to, Chrome autofill them next time for easier login. Chrome now allows saving Passwords to Google Account.

Google Chrome also has a Password leak detection feature built-in. It alerts you when it finds your passwords saved to Chrome when found in a data breach, you can able to secure your accounts by changing the affected passwords by visiting respected websites.

Chrome also has a tool built into the Safety check and Passwords management page to scan for compromised and weak Passwords. The results return after running highlight affected passwords and suggest you change them.

Here are run-down steps to perform the thing.

  • Click on the 3-dot icon and select Settings
  • Click on Autofill and select Passwords
  • on chrome://settings/passwords page, click Check Passwords

Chrome shows a list of passwords affected and shows them with detail for each login under “compromised Passwords” and “weak Passwords” for you to take action.

While compromised Passwords found in a data breach are advised to change immediately, whereas weak Passwords prone to breach and need to be changed for your security. You can do so by clicking the” Change Password” button.

Chrome flags router passwords found in data breach

It is not unusual for Chrome and Edge to flag router Passwords as affected, because it is obvious because most use common credentials (admin, admin).
If you’re connected to a router and login into it for troubleshooting connectivity issues often, Chrome lits the router password as affected and suggests you change it.

This is not a website but linked to the device, the browser should offer an option to dismiss such a warning where users won’t be interested in changing it.

Dismiss and restore compromised Password warnings in the Chrome browser

  1. While you’re on chrome://settings/passwords/check page, under Compromised  Passwords
  2. Click on the 3-dot icon next to “Change Password” for affected login, and select “Dismiss warning
    dismiss warning to mute compromised Password Chrome
  3. You can able to restore the alert by clicking “Restore warning“.

restore warning compromised passwords to unmute Chrome

Enable mute compromised Passwords feature in Chrome

  1. Launch Chrome
  2. Head to chrome://flags page
  3. Search for “Mute & unmute compromised passwords in bulk leak check“, select Enabled in the dropdown for it
    Mute unmute compromised Passwords in bulk leak check
  4. Restart the browser.

As mentioned above, with a bulk Password check, you’ll get the option to dismiss and restore the warning. The feature is being tested in Chrome 100 Canary.

Google announced the feature is now supported in Chrome 100 release. It is worth enabling the flag before it is fully rolled out to your Chrome browser..

Closing Words: Google is working to add an option to Chrome to dismiss and later restore compromised Password warnings aimed at certain Passwords such as those used for Routers.

Have you found Chrome’s new mute or unmute compromised Password feature useful? Let us know in the comments below.

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