Chrome is making Extensions Menu better w/ Permissions Tab

Image about Chrome is making Extensions Menu better w/ Permissions Tab

Google is redesigning the Extensions menu in the Chrome browser. To make it easier for users to control extension site access, the company is adding a new Permissions tab to the Extensions menu.

Google Chrome Extensions Menu

Before, Google Chrome used to display installed extensions in the 3-dot menu.

By launching the Extensions menu Google has decluttered extension icons on the toolbar. The menu also shows extensions that have the ability to read and change information on the current website when you click on the puzzle piece icon.

The Extension menu provides a pinning option for each and allows to control site access on click or on the current site or on all sites.

Do note, Chrome still, right now, displays permission required by each installed extension on its details page along with options to manage them.

Instead of users’ need to navigate to the extension details page, the extensions menu designed by Google makes it easier to control permissions requested by them.

Extensions Menu Access Control

Google is now redesigning Chrome’s Extensions toolbar menu to show permissions in a separate tab, it lists installed extensions on another.

new Permissions tab in Redesigned Chrome Extensions Menu

With the new design,

  • The Chrome Extensions menu comes with two tabs: “Permissions” and “Installed”.
  • While Permissions tab reveals whether extensions have consent to read and write information on the current site or on all sites and lets you manage them when you click.
  • The tab also lets you choose a default setting to allow or deny read and change permission on the website as well as customize permission for each extension.

choose your default setting expand details

The installed tab in the Menu lists installed extensions and previous options, in addition, to the option to visit Chrome Web Store to get more extensions.

redesigned Extensions Menu with Installed Tab

The eye toolbar button extensions menu may be temporary whereas the Chromium team may merge the Permissions menu back to the puzzle piece Extensions menu icon when work on it is over.

Right now, when you enable the feature, Chrome shows both eye and puzzle piece icons on the toolbar.

Enable Redesigned Extensions Menu in Chrome browser

  1. Visit chrome://flags
  2. Find Extensions Menu Access Control flag select Enabled option in the dropdown
    Extensions Menu Access contro
  3. Restart browser.

After restart, if you visit any website, you’ll notice an eye icon that displays Permissions Tab (in addition to Extensions) ) that displays Site access info.

The above feature is being tested in Chrome 100 Canary.

Closing words:

Seems Google is readying to separate Permissions from Chrome Extensions Menu and display in a dedicated tab. With the new design under testing, Chrome Extensions Menu contains Permissions and Installed Tabs.

What’s your take on  Chrome’s redesigned Extension Menu aimed at offering more control over site Permission extensions have? Let us know in the comments below.

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