Fix Microsoft Edge’s Startup Boost is turned off due to Extensions Conflict

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With the recent update, Microsoft Edge started warning the Startup Boost feature is turned off due to one or more extensions that are conflicting with each other. Here is what you need to do if you’re affected by this issue in  Edge 97 or higher.

Microsoft Edge Startup Boost

Microsoft introduced the Startup Boost feature with Edge 88 to improve startup performance.

Startup Boost when enabled runs in the background with a minimum number of processes when you close all its browser windows. This helps Micorsoft Edge to open quickly when you launch it from the taskbar or desktop shortcut.

According to Micorsoft, the feature-related processes running in the background don’t impact system resources.

You can check the Startup boost feature is active or not, by going to edge://settings/system.

Fix Startup Boost is turned off message in Microsoft Edge

If you’ve updated to Edge 97 and noticed the Startup boost is grayed out in System and performance settings with the following message, you’re not alone.

Startup boost is turned off as the current profile is using one or more extensions that are conflicting“.

Microsoft Edge says Startup boost tuned off due to one or more conflicting extensions

Startup boost displays the problematic extensions with options to turn off each.

You can see in the screenshot, the extensions are Office and Microsoft Editor: Spelling and Grammar checker.

If you install similar extensions in Edge, you may encounter issues when using them.

For instance, Grammarly and Microsoft Editor extensions don’t work together, the latter will warn about the same and ask to turn off other extensions interfering with spell checking and grammar suggestions.

Microsoft Editor says confilict detected between editing extensions

Similar to that, we’ve seen the Edge bar getting controlled by adblocking and other extensions.

Here, directly or indirectly extensions affect Edge features such as Startup Boost and Edge bar.

The fix is to disable those extensions, here is how you can do that:

  1. Open Edge
  2. Click on the 3-dot icon and select Settings
  3. Visit System and Performance
  4. Click turn off buttons for extensions causing the issue.

. Then you can then able to disable the Startup Boost feature again and use the extension as you did before.

More details:

A little more investigation revealed the warning is false where we noticed Microsoft Edge processes still ran even when the browser was closed.

Further, we found running any of the two extensions from below in Edge triggers the message:

  • Grammarly
  • Office
  • Microsoft Editor

You should be using only one extension from above for your needs. You have to disable the extensions incompatible with the feature to get rid of the message.

Are affected by this? Does your Edge has Speed Boost enabled? Have you noticed any performance improvement with it? Let us know in the comments below.