Chrome is making it easier to add passwords manually

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Till now Chrome hasn’t offered an option to manually save passwords to Google Password Manager, soon it’s coming, where you can enter your Site address, Username, and Password and ask Chrome to store it whenever you want. Here is how you can add Passwords manually in Chrome.

Chrome Password Manager features

Ever since its introduction, till now, Google has improved Chrome’s Password Manager a lot.

Note: Chrome even now lets you save Passwords to Google Account even when Sync is turned off

Why you may want to save passwords manually in Chrome in the first place?

  1. Consider this, you visited a website and entered login credentials, Chrome showed a key icon to save the password for which you clicked No.
  2. You filled in your username and password, but Chrome hasn’t asked you to store the password.
  3. You may not want to import passwords from other browsers or Password Managers to avoid junk and duplicates.

How to manually add a Password in the Chrome browser

  1.  Open Chrome browser
  2. Visit chorme://settings/passwords
  3. Click Add button that appears next to Saved Passwords
    add password manually to Chrome via its settings
  4. In the Add password dialog, type site URL, username, and Password in respective fields and click Save.

Note: The above steps work even when you’re not signed into the Chrome browser. All you need to do is visit the Password management page and click add button.

The feature is enabled by default in Chrome version 100. Hers is how you can enable it Chrome 98 or Chrome 99 versions

  1. Head to chrome://flags
  2. Search for “password”, in the dropdown for “Add Passwords in Settings”, select Enabled
    Add passwords in Settings flag Chrome
  3. Restart the browser.

Update: The ability to manually add passwords to Chrome is available and enabled by default in Chrome 103.

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